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Kindergarten Vacancy
Kindergarten Vacancy
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School introduction:

Enzhuo International Education Group has five branches, three in Beijing and two in Tianjin. The group upholds a first-class education management model, integrates the world's most advanced teaching and research results, and selects the most diverse and experiential education system suitable for children's growth. Assemble a team of experienced Chinese and foreign early childhood education experts and teachers, cooperate with a high-quality international atmosphere and the most advanced professional facilities in a learning environment, take the responsibility of promoting the healthy growth of children and improving the quality of education, and benefit from the best quality early childhood education services. More Chinese children! Makes its brand become China's best international kindergarten leader brand!Enzhuo International Education Group inherited and carried forward Song Qingling's spirit and thoughts, taking into account the international perspective and Chinese cultural traditions, and creating a high starting point and high-quality learning environment for young children. Unified curriculum goals, a comprehensive curriculum that integrates Chinese and Western cultures, enables children to In the kindergarten learning phase, you can truly understand and be determined to be "the master of culture, the master of nature, and the master of the universe", and finally become a multicultural background that is in line with international standards.

Job requirements:

Nationality: American native or non-native, white is preferred

Qualification: Standard pronunciation, active teaching, good stability

Work experience: 2 years +

Visa type: can apply for cultural and educational work permits

With skills:

1. Have English teaching experience and can independently carry out English course activities

2. Have international park or school experience, can take classes independently, carry out class work, etc.

3. Like children, like early childhood education work, can cooperate with the garden work, have a team spirit


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for international class and class work, carry out half-day regular activities

2. Develop lesson plans and organize theme English teaching activities

3. Responsible for the coordination and management of class members and the development of English teaching


Working hours: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Work location: according to the situation of foreign teachers and the needs of each garden

House Hunting assist

Holiday arrangements: National holidays.Winter and summer vacations in February and August.

Salary treatment: 20000RMB Monthly.

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