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How to work in China?
There are a lot of documents that you will need to gather before applying for Chinese work visa, many of them will need to notarized legalized authenticated...
Do you have any advice for those who are coming to China soon?
I have lots, but I’ll keep it short If you’re coming to China from the West, you must be patient and understanding as the etiquette and public manners are not the ...
What kept you working in living in China in the first place?
A few things I always felt like there was a new adventure around the corner I never experienced the same day twice This kept me interested in the life there I fe ...
What are some of the things you enjoyed most about living and working in China?
The things I enjoyed most were connecting with new people I love to be social, talk, and be in the presence of others This was the perfect place to do it because ...
How do you feel about living and working in China?
I guess the answer changed as I was living there At first it was an amazing adventure and I could see and do new things all the time, that was a ton of fun Trav ...
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