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Our Feature
Foreign Teacher Bole is a professional foreign talent management company. Its founding team has more than 20 years of foreign teacher management experience in the English training industry. It is rooted in the foreign teacher manpower market. Pain points such as being out of control, and effective and targeted solutions for this type of phenomenon have been formulated! The foreign teacher Bole has a powerful database of high-level foreign professional talents, and has established a complete management process from drainage to online recruitment, visa application, comprehensive arrangements for food, clothing, housing, and professional assistance to customer management. Professional talents for more Chinese people! Let foreign talents who come to work in China can quickly adapt to the working life here, have their own circle, and experience Chinese culture in depth.
Our advantage
1. Dedicated, professional and deeply cultivated foreign teachers recruitment management market.
Rooted in the foreign language manpower market of the English education industry, we have trained and delivered thousands of excellent foreign teachers for more than a dozen training institutions. Whether you are looking for online work or face-to-face class with students in the classroom, we can meet your request.
2. Provide a job that suits you and solve your various problems in one stop.
We are committed to providing you with suitable and promising jobs, from signing a contract to landing, visa application, food and accommodation, psychological adaptation, establishing a new circle of friends, etc. to help you quickly adapt to China's work and life.
3. Here, you not only get a job, but also a different life experience.
After work, we provide you with a variety of benefits and group building activities, including free Chinese lessons twice a week, domestic travel once a year, etc., to take you to visit Chinese scenic spots and learn about Chinese culture!

Question: How to work in China?
Answer: There are a lot of documents that you will need to gather before applying for Chinese work visa, many of them will needMore+
Question: Do you have any advice for those who are coming t
Answer: I have lots, but I’ll keep it short If you’re coming to China from the West, you must be patient and understanding More+
Question: What kept you working in living in China in the first place?
Answer: A few things I always felt like there was a new adventure around the corner I never experienced the same day twice More+
Question: What are some of the things you enjoyed most about
Answer: The things I enjoyed most were connecting with new people I love to be social, talk, and be in the presence of othersMore+
Question: How do you feel about living and working in China?
Answer: I guess the answer changed as I was living there At first it was an amazing adventure and I could see and do new thMore+

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